Duterte's "go to hell" caution to UN official: "was standing up not only for the national sovereignty of The Philippines but for all of the developing world" - Garrie - News Galore

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Duterte's "go to hell" caution to UN official: "was standing up not only for the national sovereignty of The Philippines but for all of the developing world" - Garrie

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United Kingdom’s Political Analyst Adam Garrrie on his recent Asian article explains how it sound when Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte reprimands someone from international organizations for meddling on the country’s sovereign affairs.

American born United Nations (UN) Special Rapporteur Diego Garcia-Sayan has recently complained of the dismissal of former chief justice Maria Lourdes Sereno, saying that it was because of the Philippine president’s h@tred towards Sereno.

 According to Garrie, Garcia-Sayan forgets the fact that Sereno’s predecessor Renato Corona was also removed from his position due pressure from the public campaign from former administration of President Noynoy Aquino.

Further, the UN official directly blamed Sereno’s removal from the office to President Duterte.

“Garcia-Sayan’s attempts to disrupt the process of domestic jurisprudence and governance is a further symptom of the fact that many if not most super-national organizations of the so-called “international community” have been reduced to little more neo-colonial instruments designed to prolong and enforce what Duterte correctly calls “the colonial mentality”.” Garrie stated.

“The UN for example has united to pass sanctions on countless developing nations but remains paralysed by the persistent US veto in any efforts to resolve the crucial confl!cts in the Middle East, notably the “Israel”-Palestine confl!ct. While China has created a successful model designed to lift nations out of poverty, the UN has been involved in sc@ndals throughout the developing world involving the expl0itation of resources and of individual human beings. This includes the mass rap of thousands of adults and children in nations that UN aid workers are supposed to be assisting.” Garrie added.

The Political Analyst also pointed out the International Cr!minal Court (ICC) is as useless as United Nations, which became “is not only a global laughing stock but a de-facto racist one at that”.*

Racism of the International Cr!minal Court

The ICC has been long involved with the pr0secution and persecution of African leaders. Reportedly, almost 90% of all defendants brought before the court have been Africans.

“In 2016, the Gambia, South Africa and Burundi announced their intention to withdraw from the court, but later changed their decision in the face of international pressure. In South Africa, the issue is particularly sensitive as in spite of the clearly anti-African bias of the ICC, South Africa has tended towards a commitment to international organisations, no matter how ineffective, owing to the spirit of reconciliation which formed the basis of Nelson Mandela’s post Apartheid government.” Garrie wrote.

“But the unjust double standards of the ICC which has seen African leaders sitting before a court, deprived of any dignity, while countries with larger militaries, vastly more weap0ns and a track record of large scale international w*r cr!mes have never been brought before the ICC, leaves the Court’s reputation in tatters.” He added.

President Duterte had already declared his withdrawal from the ICC, once the Philippines left the organization, there will only be Cambodia, Bangladesh, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, South Korea, Mongolia and Japan as the full members of ICC (Cambodia, as the only ASEAN left).*

“I will convince everybody now under the treaty to get out, get out. It is not a document (the ICC treaty) that was prepared by anybody, it’s EU-sponsored”. the Philippine president earlier said in a speech, calling out other countries to withdraw from the treaty as well.

“Duterte is absolutely correct in describing the court as Eurocentric in its approach to justice as well as systematic targeting of African leaders.” Garrie further wrote.

He also stressed out how the Philippine president was treated with respect on his dealings with much more powerful countries that ended various weap0n deals and trade.

“By contrast, Duterte has found that in dealing with China and Russia, The Philippines is treated with respect while bilateral agreements with the main Asian superpowers remain honest and straightforward.” Garrie said.

With this, Garrie believes that Duterte’s recent caution on the UN official Diego Garcia-Sayan for meddling in the Philippine’s sovereign matters, Duterte was merely being firm, “standing up not only for the national sovereignty of The Philippines but for all of the developing world. Duterte said of Garcia-Sayan,”

"In times when the old colonial powers have not shifted their devious designs on the developing world but have merely replaced national institutions of expl0itation with international institutions, it becomes necessary for every dignified leader of a developing nation to stand up for his or her nation with the utmost clarity, pride and forcefulness. This is what Duterte has done in telling an individual who represents a corrupt international system to “go to hell”” Garrie explains.

 Source: Eurasiafuture

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